Hadoop(Big Data) Titles

S.No Code Title Year Abstract
01 H1 A Parallel Random Forest Algorithm for Big Data in a Spark Cloud Computing Environment 2017 Abstract
02 H2 An Exploration of Designing a Hybrid Scale-UpOut Hadoop Architecture Based on Performance Measurements 2017 Abstract
03 H3 Beehive Erasure Codes for Fixing Multiple Failures in Distributed Storage Systems 2017 Abstract
04 H4 EAFR An Energy-Efficient Adaptive File Replication System in Data-Intensive Clusters 2017 Abstract
05 H5 FiDoop-DP Data Partitioning in Frequent Itemset Mining on Hadoop Clusters 2017 Abstract
06 H6 Improving Performance of Heterogeneous MapReduce Clusters with Adaptive Task Tuning 2017 Abstract
07 H7 Metric Similarity Joins Using MapReduce 2017 Abstract
08 H8 Moving Hadoop into the Cloud with Flexible Slot Management and Speculative Execution 2017 Abstract
09 H9 MRCP-RM A Technique for Resource Allocation and Scheduling of MapReduce Jobs with Deadlines 2017 Abstract
10 H10 Optimization for Speculative Execution in Big Data Processing Clusters 2017 Abstract
11 H11 Optimizing End-to-End Big Data Transfers over Terabits Network Infrastructure 2017 Abstract
12 H12 Seek-Efficient IO Optimization in Single Failure Recovery for XOR-Coded Storage Systems 2017 Abstract
13 H13 HFSP Bringing Size-Based Scheduling To Hadoop 2017 Abstract
12 H12 iShuffle Improving Hadoop Performance with Shuffle-on-Write 2017 Abstract
14 H14 Repair Tree Fast Repair for Single Failure in Erasure-Coded Distributed Storage Systems 2017 Abstract


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