Medical Imaging

S.No Code Title Year Abstract
01 MI1 A Deep Cascade of Convolutional Neural Networks for Dynamic MR Image Reconstruction 2018 Abstract
02 MI2 A Skeletal Similarity Metric for Quality Evaluation of Retinal Vessel Segmentation 2018 Abstract
03 MI3 Anatomically Constrained Neural Networks (ACNNs) Application to Cardiac Image Enhancement and Segmentation 2018 Abstract
04 MI4 Convolutional Invasion and Expansion Networks for Tumor Growth Prediction 2018 Abstract
05 MI5 End-to-End Adversarial Retinal Image Synthesis 2018 Abstract
06 MI6 Estimating Dynamic Connectivity States in fMRI Using Regime-Switching Factor Models 2018 Abstract
07 MI7 Image Segmentation Using Disjunctive Normal Bayesian Shape and Appearance Models 2018 Abstract
08 MI8 Magnetic Resonance RF Pulse Design by Optimal Control With Physical Constraints 2018 Abstract
09 MI9 Multimodal MR Synthesis via Modality-Invariant Latent Representation 2018 Abstract
10 MI10 Robust Unmixing of Dynamic Sequences Using Regions of Interest 2018 Abstract
11 MI11 Single- and Multiple-Shell Uniform Sampling Schemes for Diffusion MRI Using Spherical Codes 2018 Abstract
12 MI12 Sparse Representation-Based Radiomics for the Diagnosis of Brain Tumors 2018 Abstract
13 MI13 Synergistic PET and SENSE MR Image Reconstruction Using Joint Sparsity Regularization 2018 Abstract
14 MI14 Tumor cell load and heterogeneity estimation from diffusion-weighted MRI calibrated with histological data an example from lung cancer 2018 Abstract


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