Networks Titles

S.No Code Title Year Abstract
01 N1 A New Constant Factor Approximation to Construct Highly Fault-Tolerant Connected Dominating Set in Unit Disk Graph 2017 Abstract
02 N2 Accurate Per-Packet Delay Tomography in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 2017 Abstract
03 N3 Adaptive Influence Maximization in Dynamic Social Networks 2017 Abstract
04 N4 Delay Network Tomography Using a Partially Observable Bivariate Markov Chain 2017 Abstract
05 N5 Enabling Network Anti-Inference via Proactive Strategies A Fundamental Perspective 2017 Abstract
06 N6 Improved Utility-Based Congestion Control for Delay-Constrained Communication 2017 Abstract
07 N7 Network Capability in Localizing Node Failures via End-to-End Path Measurements 2017 Abstract
08 N8 On the Problem of Optimal Path Encoding for Software-Defined Networks 2017 Abstract
09 N9 Optimally Approximating the Coverage Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Abstract
10 N10 Accurate and Generic Sender Selection for Bulk Data Dissemination in Low-Power Wireless Networks 2017 Abstract
11 N11 Approximation Algorithm for Minimum Weight Fault-Tolerant Virtual Backbone in Unit Disk Graphs 2017 Abstract
12 N12 Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Networks With Long-Range Social Contacts Behavior 2017 Abstract
13 N13 Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Node With Temporal Death Novel Models and Analyses 2017 Abstract
14 N14 FaceChange Attaining Neighbor Node Anonymity in Mobile Opportunistic Social Networks With Fine-Grained Control 2017 Abstract
15 N15 Pandas Robust Locality-Aware Scheduling With Stochastic Delay Optimality 2017 Abstract


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