Neural Networks Titles

S.No Code Title Year Abstract
01 NN1 A Locality-Constrained and Label Embedding Dictionary Learning Algorithm for Image Classification 2017 Abstract
02 NN2 A Maximum Entropy Framework for Semisupervised and Active Learning With Unknown and Label-Scarce Classes 2017 Abstract
03 NN3 A Novel Algorithm for Learning Sparse Spatio-Spectral Patterns for Event-Related Potentials 2017 Abstract
04 NN4 A ParaBoost Method to Image Quality Assessment 2017 Abstract
05 NN5 A Scoring Scheme for Online Feature Selection Simulating Model Performance Without Retraining 2017 Abstract
06 NN6 A Semisupervised Approach to the Detection and Characterization of Outliers in Categorical Data 2017 Abstract
06 NN6 Deep Direct Reinforcement Learning for Financial Signal Representation and Trading 2017 Abstract
07 NN7 Hierarchical Change-Detection Tests 2017 Abstract
08 NN8 Learning Discriminative Subspaces on Random Contrasts for Image Saliency Analysis 2017 Abstract
09 NN9 Learning Kernel Extended Dictionary for Face Recognition 2017 Abstract
10 NN10 Scalable Algorithms for Multi-Instance Learning 2017 Abstract
11 NN11 Robust Joint Graph Sparse Coding for Unsupervised Spectral Feature Selection 2017 Abstract