Vehicular Technology

S.No Code Title Year Abstract
01 VANET 1 A Novel Approach for Efficient Usage of Intrusion Detection System in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 2017 Abstract
02 VANET 2 Adaptive Quality-of-Service-Based Routing for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks With Ant Colony Optimization 2017 Abstract
03 VANET 3 CAIS A Copy Adjustable Incentive Scheme in Community-Based Socially Aware Networking 2017 Abstract
04 VANET 4 Efficient Cache Management for Network-Coding-Assisted Data Broadcast 2017 Abstract
05 VANET 5 Enhancing Security and Privacy for Identity-Based Batch Verification Scheme in VANETs 2017 Abstract
06 VANET 6 LORA Loss Differentiation Rate Adaptation Scheme for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Safety Communications 2017 Abstract
07 VANET 7 Path Planning and Tracking for Vehicle Collision Avoidance Based on Model Predictive Control With Multiconstraints 2017 Abstract


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